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hidden arch rant



i hate the arch community!! theyre all so pompous & stuck up in their ways & will complain endlessly about gnome and stuff


of course, this is an issue everywhere. like downloading an exe for windows, or a deb/ppa you found online, packaging is inherently insecure unless its vetted by trusted people. security is a spectrum really, , maybe. im not a securitist, but i am going to impose my views upon you anyway:

going on                                           
github and  appimage        flathub  trusted       you browse
searching           aur              distro repos  the internet
"virus"    ←------------------+-----------------→  via email
             random debs/rpms    nixpkgs     
                    downloading random
                    exe's, but you run
                    them through wine

personally, my "line" is | here roughly

i dont really have the full picture here of how secure these distribution methods are but this how i feel on it i guess

the arch repos

clearly not thought out properly

also update gnome quicker!!

this is a hack. please ignore.