Are we discord yet?

Discord is a constantly evolving application, adding features every few months. This is a tracker for what a Discord user might miss from matrix.


Discord features

See: βš›οΈ7487

Feature MSC/Issue (if exists) Works?
Custom Emojis/Stickers πŸ“ƒ1951, πŸ“ƒ2545 ☁️πŸ₯ See Arewemojiyet?
Tag-based permissions system πŸ“ƒ2812 n/a
Profiles πŸ“ƒ1769 n/a
Native Group VOIP πŸ“ƒ3401 Soon! See Element Call
Discord "Guilds" (aka Spaces) - β˜οΈβš›οΈπŸ₯ Spaces. Very Discord-like in Cinny client
Sending spoilers βš›οΈ10882 πŸ₯*β˜οΈβš›οΈ* *No CW sending
Threads πŸ₯257 βš›οΈ Beta in element!
GIF Keyboard βš›οΈ415 X Note: see this & Giphy bot
Do not disturb βš›οΈ3569 X
Events ? Google calendar widget

Discord call features

Feature MSC/Issue (if exists) Works?
Native Group VOIP πŸ“ƒ3401 Soon! See Element Call
Screensharing in calls Dependent on πŸ“ƒ3401 βš›οΈCall
Youtube Together βš›οΈ16033 dependent on πŸ“ƒ3401
Embedded websites/games in video calls ?
Noise Supression ? ?

Upcoming discord features?

Most of these can be found in Discord's Experiments tab that needs a modded client to view

Feature MSC/Issue (if exists) Works?
Multi account βš›οΈ2320 ☁️

Discord plugin features

Like BetterDiscord/Powercord

Feature MSC/Issue (if exists) Works?
Plugin support βš›οΈ20669 X
Custom themes βš›οΈ5844 Yes, need Labs

What I consider to be blockers:

  1. Native VOIP
  2. Custom Emojis/Stickers
  3. The network effect (everyone else is elsewhere) :(

Please message me if you would like to make changes to this chart eg. filling in ?s or updating errors.

this is a hack. please ignore.